The Perks Of Sexting

Now that the weather is turning colder and darkness is falling earlier in most of the country, it is time to heat things up your relationship or with someone new with some sexting. You might already engage in sexting with your person, but late fall is a perfect time to turn up the heat, and sending sexy messages to each other throughout the day is the perfect way to do this. This primes the pump for when you meet in person, and helps keep the two of you in close touch all day. So keep reading to find out why using a sexting site or sexting your fling is one of the hottest ways to keep the fire alive. 


Keep the Flame Burning

Let’s face it: Just like the light can fall into darkness at this time of year, flings can grow more lifeless and dark. But if your person is worth hanging on to, then sexting is a great way to keep the flame burning. You will want to get cozy near the fireplace in the fall, and in order to do this, sending messages throughout the day can heat up your partner. Sexting also gives you little pockets of time throughout the day when you can focus on your favorite person, especially if you are long-distance. 


Use Your Creativity

As the old saying goes, you need to use it or lose it. And when it comes to your creativity, especially in terms of a relationship, nothing could be more true. Sexting allows you to use your creativity with your partner, telling him or her about the more private elements of your desires, and keeping a rolling conversation going throughout the day. This will pay big dividends when you get back together, and will lead you to more creativity in the bedroom. 


Share Your Story

Most people feel shy about having sex in person, especially when it comes to asking for something new that you want. Sexting your fantasies and banter back and forth is the perfect way to get your ideas across without feeling weird. By putting it in writing, this also puts your desires out into the world and helps the other person know if they are pleasing you or not. 


Get Your Engine Heating Up

Another perk of sexting is that it keeps your body in a constant state of desire. Each ping of your phone will remind you of the other peson, and will cause your body to elicit a physical response. This feeling is like gold, and when the phone pings throughout the day, it will get you closer and closer to a physical encounter. This is especially true if you are sending nudes back and forth and craving each others bodies. 


Sexting is a great way to build connection and heat with someone you know or someone you randomly meet through a sexting website. It will also help you build confidence and make you better at having sex in real life. There’s nothing to lose!