Sexting Suggestions for Sexy Substance

If you have found someone special either on your own or through a sexting website, and are ready to heat up your phone with some erotic sexting, you might feel a bit tongue-tied about exactly where to start. Here are a few quick ways to get your sexy communication started, and keep the banter hot. 


Mention a Specific Body Part

Instead of just a standard “I want you,” mentioning a specific body part will really get your partner going. Beyond the obvious parts, talking about his muscular chest or beautiful eyes strong hands can really heat things up. Your partner wants to know what you find attractive about them, so being specific like this will really heat things up once you get your hands on him.


Tell Them What You Miss

Whether it’s the way she breathily says your name, or the way her curls tickle your chest when you’re together, tell your partner something specific that you miss when you are apart. This builds anticipation and will light the spark when you finally do find each other. 


Ask a Question

This is a great time to ask your partner a question about what he or she likes. Without your hormones taking over when you are in person, you can find out just what your partner likes. Asking open-ended questions that start with “Do you like when I _____?” or “Tell me a way I can turn you on” will get your juices flowing for a fun meet-up. 


Tell Your Partner Why They are Special

Everyone wants to feel special, and your partner is no different. Whether its a fantastic physique, a great smile, or the way they take care of those around them, saying these specific things in a text will be great foreplay and put a smile on your partner’s face. 


Send an SOS

This is a powerful sexting technique, especially when sent out of the blue. When you send an SOS call about a libido emergency, it helps to show your partner exactly what you want when you finally meet up. The sense of urgency will really heat things up. 


React to Your Partner

Sexy banter works best when it is back and forth. Make sure to react to any sexting your partner sends, raising the bar, and adding to the heat. When your partner sees you responding in kind, that makes them feel as if they are wanted. 


Talk about a Dream

Sharing a fantasy you have with your partner is a great way to share some sexy talk. Tell them what you want to do with them and ask them to reciprocate. This builds your connection and leads to fun when you can actually meet up. 


Ask to be Teased

Questions are a great way to sext, and asking your partner to tease you is one of the best. This shows how you value him or her, and gives them an idea of how you want to enjoy them once you do get together. 


Sexting is a fun, flirty way to communicate with your partner, It can add so much to your daily life and set you up for a fun time when you are actually together.