What is LewdChat?

LewdChat is just that… lewd chat! Lewd is something that is sexual and crude. Hopefully, you know what chatting is. LewdChat is a site made just for sexting so it’s a top pick for those who love to sext and have naughty chats with strangers on the internet. It’s a combination of a random internet hangout spot like Omegle and a sexting site. It operates 24/7 so it’s ideal for people who love to sext all the time but don’t have the hours to put into dating sites or sexting match sites. It’s just an open chat forum of other people who enjoy sexting and having conversations around sex. The community on Lewdchat is not judgemental in the slightest and you can search for chatrooms that make you horny by typing in keywords into the channel search bar.

How does it work?

When you type in the URL you are immediately asked if you are 18+. That’s the first page you see. Once you confirm that you are age-appropriate you’ll be sent to the real home page. You’ll see that LewdChat describes itself as a place to sext people and use sexting chat rooms. There is no sign up which is awesome for people who are looking to sext immediately without going through a lengthy questionnaire or setting up a profile. You just click the ‘Chat Now’ button and you’re off! They do ask you to come up with a nickname, state your age, and your location. You can fudge all of that if you want to. Then you’ll type in a keyword to send you to a channel. The suggested keyword already in the box is “#lewd.” We got on and found 54 other users sexting in a chat. Catch up or find another NSFW (not safe for work) chat to join. We tried the keyword “#sexting” and got 2 people. It’s really pretty random. The cool thing about LewdChat is that you can save your channel keyword searches to see how many people are on any other channels you like at any given time. Navigating this site is wicked easy and fun. Simplicity at its finest.

What makes it unique?

How simple the site is. It’s really and truly the easiest sexting site out there for free, fast, and easy sexting. There aren’t a ton of users on LewdChat but you only need to involve one other person to have a good sexting conversation. The ability to search for keywords in the Channel search bar is also a unique function. It’s not for people who are looking for long-term sexting partners and isn’t exactly a place where you’ll find nudes or pornographic images and videos. If you are a straight shooter and like fun easy sexting then you should try LewdChat. It’s free so what you do you have to lose?

How much does it cost?

Totally and completely absolutely free. Not much else to say about that!

Safe and discreet?

There is no information required to sign up so your safety is in your hands. You are talking to strangers on the internet in chatrooms. We’d tell you to keep all of your private information to yourself but if you share it just be aware that it’s out there for the world to use.

Sexting101's Likes
  • Free
  • Simple interface
  • Easy to use
Sexting101's Dislikes
  • Small user base
  • No video chat
  • Outdated site