What is Zoosk?

Zoosk is a really popular dating app for adults. It’s different because it doesn’t just match you with people who live ultra-close to you. It lets you find people to match with who are in a 100-mile radius of you. It’s a great feature because you can find many more people who would be willing to talk to you. You are probably asking yourself why Zoosk is on the sexting list. Zoosk made the list because of its very advanced matching system. Yes, people use Zoosk for dating or to find a serious relationship but you can easily avoid talking to those people by using a search function. When you sign up you have the ability to find people who are looking for a more casual (aka more sexual) relationship. These are the women who are going to want to send and receive dirty messages. That means the sexting mission can be easily accomplished. Sometimes using a dating app (with a great search function) is more reliable than apps or sexters who are focused on your money more than getting you paired up. Plus you can meet these ladies in person to turn your sexting fantasies into a reality.

How does it work?

Ever signed up for a dating site or app? Zoosk works like most of them do. You’ll sign up but you don’t have to fill out a long or annoying profile on Zoosk because it has such an advanced algorithm. It basically matches you with others based on the profiles you engage with. Whoever you like, message, view, or wink at is noted in the algorithm and used to determine who else you might like. There are tons of ladies to chat with so this really narrows down the search and makes it way less overwhelming to go through. It’s such a smart search function that you’ll be surprised at how well it will match you with people who are trying to sext or send nudes. Like this thing really works which is why it’s on our sexting list. You can find women for free but you’ll have to pay to actually talk to people. This feels different from most dating sites but pretty on par with sexting sites. 

What makes it unique?

The advanced algorithm and unique features are what make Zoosk stand out from the crowd. Without boring your pants off by going into how the search works, just know that it gets the job done. You will find people who want something casual or who are into sexting and sending nudes based on how your behavior is tracked. Creepy or cool? Up to you to decide. Zoosk also lets you find locals who are a little farther than local. This is a good thing for readers in a small town. You’ve been through the wringer on apps where you see the same profiles over and over again. Not with Zoosk. Also you can chat and wink with other users. Kind of gives it a sexy feel. You can also send gifts. Why would you do that? Women who love to sext often also love gifts. Simple as that. They are virtual but they get the message across.

How much does it cost?

It ain’t cheap. Ain’t cheap at all. You’re going to need to have deep pockets for this one because it’s around $30 per month. There are options that allow you to pay less. Opt for a 6-month stint and pay $75 total. It’s really not that great if we’re being honest. You could do better on other apps but the ladies probably won’t be as genuine. You pay for the quality of real people (not bots or models) and the search algorithm. Worth it? Eh. 

Safe and discreet?

Zoosk is safe and so is the information you give to Zoosk. A lot of people use this site and really like it and trust it. You can too. It’s trustworthy and safe. Discreet? Maybe. Your info won’t be shared but you’ll want a detailed profile to make good matches. Anyone else in your area who also uses the app could potentially find you.

Sexting101's Likes
  • Safe
  • Lots of users
  • Hot women
  • Good search function
Sexting101's Dislikes
  • Not sexting-specific
  • You won't find anyone new to sext
  • Very expensive