What is Skibbel?

Skibbel is a free and anonymous sexting app. That’s exactly what it says on the website and it does not lie. Skibbel is great for people who want straightforward, no registration, straight-to-sexting action. The interface is very modern and gets you connected to naked women really fast. It refers to Omegle on the website also which gives you an idea of how fast it operates. Omegle is a totally random, non-sexting specific website where you meet up with strangers in seconds. Skibbel is like that but just for sexting and with tons more women to talk to. Anonymity is top priority at Skibbel, along with speed. You don’t even have to register to be connected with naked ladies who want to send you pics. Send pics back or just chat. It’s your call. Skibbel is completely 100% all about sexting and pretty much nothing else. Save time, money, and loneliness by using Skibbel. 

How does it work?

Skibbel is the most straightforward sexting site out there. You literally go to the site and start sexting. There is no signup, no questionnaire, and no annoying profile to make. The only question thrown your way is how you like your sexting served. Do you like to message, get pics, or video chat? Right away you meet someone who wants to do exactly what you want to do. It’s like Chatroulette or Omegle without any of the guessing as to what your match wants. Skibbel is very clear: it was made for sexting. If you don’t want to sext, get out of Skibbel. That way you know the woman you are speaking to or viewing is down to do whatever you need her to do. Oh and the site is free making it even more delicious. There’s not much of a process to discuss as all you do is sign up and get to sexting. Easy peasy.

What makes it unique?

Skibbel is special because it’s devoted to sexting, free, confidential, and fast. We’re talking one of the fastest sexting sites out there. If you are sitting there in the heat of the moment looking to wank to a pretty girl who sends you nudes you can really ge onto Skibbel and in a matter of seconds you’ll be connected to someone who wants to sext you for free. The speed is mind-boggling. Are all the girls 10s? Nah. But it’s free so what do you really expect? The website is also designed to be used on a mobile device. No, it’s not an app but it’s extremely easy to use on a phone which is pretty necessary nowadays and not all sexting sites are mobile compatible. 

How much does it cost?

Fu-hr-eeeeeeeee! Did you hear that? We said it’s free. Not a given in the sexting world at all. There are sites that want you to shell out an upwards of $30 per month. Skibbel says screw that. They serve you sexting on a silver platter without any cost.

Safe and discreet?

You don’t give out information so it can’t be shared. If you choose to tell someone about yourself they could potentially blow up your spot. Similarly, if you show your face on video to random sexters on the internet there’s always a chance that the videos could end up somewhere. Just be wary of that fact.

Sexting101's Likes
  • Free
  • Works quickly
  • Random & fun
Sexting101's Dislikes
  • Random match isn't for everyone
  • No search feature
  • Some girls are 2s, not 10s