Why We’re Thankful For Sexting!

Although you might not want to say it out loud when your family says what they are thankful for at the Thanksgiving dinner table, we hope that this year you are thankful for sexting. With the advent of phones, technology has changed the way we view sex, and made sexy banter much easier to do, and we think that is really such a great thing. And if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, read on to find out what it is you should be thankful for! 

Helps Us Be More Honest 

One of the major reasons we are thankful for sexting is that it helps us speak our mind with our significant others, and also helps us to realize what we ourselves truly want in the bedroom. When you can spend all day or all week heating up your conversation via sexting, then when you get to your lover you will know exactly what each other wants. There is also an intimacy that is created more easily by the sext that is sometimes harder in real life, but once you have broached the subject you are good to go. 

Helps Us See Sex as More Natural

When you are sexting either someone you know or someone you met on a sexting website, and talking about sex in the light of day, then sex is seen as more natural. It is not just tucked away in the dark of night where people might think it is dirty or wrong, but it is out in the open and seen as something normal. Study after study shows that sex is good for us, and being willing to see sex as natural is bound to get you more of it!

Helps Us Communicate Better

Whether in or outside of the bedroom, communication is important. And it is time to be more thankful that sexting can help us communicate your sexting fantasies. By telling someone how turned on you feel throughout the day, you are building bonds that will last long into the night. And when you get along beautifully in one aspect of your life, it will filtrate positive communication into the rest of your life. 

It’s Just Plain Fun

Although increased communication is all well and good, one of the best things about sexting is that it is just so much fun! Imagine a boring work meeting made more palatable by a few sexy pings on your phone. Or how about tedious chores like grocery shopping made easier because of your secret smile? Building excitement for your partner through the day is a great way to enjoy the time go by quickly!

So while we don’t think you should mention sexting between the turkey and the mashed potatoes as something you are thankful for this year, it is definitely something that will build communication and fun in your relationships and in your life!