Where Did Sexting Come From?

You might think that sexting only came about in the 1970s when cell phones and cellular networks were created, but trust us, the history of sexting goes back a lot further than that! For as long as people could communicate with others, people have been sending sexy, naughty messages to each other. Although phones have not always been around, the desire to send sexts and nudes have been!

Love Letters

Back in the day, people would write love letters, which were carried on horseback, or arrive with other packages that were delivered. And don’t kid yourself. Just because the times were old-fashioned does not mean the sentiments were. Letters written by hand could offer the same racy ideas as today’s sexting messages do, even though things back in the day seemed a lot more prim and proper. Sure, they couldn’t send nudes to hot girls they met on the internet, but still the sentiment was there.



Although it seems hard to believe, telegrams were another form of texting back in the day. Think of it like an old-school sexting site. In the mid-1800s, telegrams were created, and this was another faster way to send someone a message. These might often be in code between lovers who were far apart so that the people sending and receiving the telegrams did not get the wrong ideas. Or actually, the right ideas!



When it comes to the telephone, we have Alexander Graham Bell to thank, who in 1876 created the modern marvel that we all know and love today. Without this first version of the phone, today’s communication trends would be vastly different. Back in this time, people using the phones would probably need to scale back what they were saying, since others were listening on party lines, but this was a first look at communication and how it could be used more privately. Instead of sexting a “DTF” message or finding a girl online to chat with, they telephone was used for sexual messages via voice.


900 numbers

In the 1970s, the world changed dramatically, and people started realizing what the phone could actually be used for! Gloria Leonard is known as the founder of 900 numbers, which launched a whole plethora of naughty ways to use the phone. People could pay to talk to someone that would certainly make their day, and they would be free to play out their naughty fantasies verbally. These days, you can visit your favorite sexting website and pay for nudes or chat with other hot singles who want to sext.



And here we are in modern day online sexting. When the internet was created in the 1990’s, all bets were off, and consumers could find a plethora of ways to get naughty pictures, messages, and the like. As the decades have rolled on, this resource has grown and deepened, and there is truly no end to the way the internet can be used for sexting.


So next time you pick up your phone to send a naughty message, you will understand more clearly all that has come before you in terms of messages and communication. Today’s sexting is fun and gives you a great diversion to your sometimes humdrum days, and it has definitely been a long time coming!