Sexting Is Good For Overall Communication

Although some people might shy away from sexting, it is a great way to build communication and intimacy, whether or not you are involved with someone. In addition to building intimacy and allowing for increased banter, sexting is just plain fun. It is nice to get sexy messages or nudes throughout the day, and can make you happier in the moment as well as helping you look forward to things to come. 


Builds the Banter

Sexting is the back-and-forth messaging of sexy thoughts and pictures to someone you are dating or just interested in hooking up with. Whether someone you met on a sexting site or a person you already know, it’s a great way to practice asking for what you want both in bed and outside the bedroom. It is a great way to banter through the day, and gives you something to look forward to whenever you pick up your phone. Sexting is really a lot of fun, and it brings a smile as you try to think of different ways to entice and interest your partner. Whenever you send a message, there is a thrill related to watching the dots of a message being created on your partner’s phone. 


Creates Communication 

When it comes to physical intimacy, things just tend to happen, and nature takes its course. This is good in the bedroom, but sometimes things are left unsaid as the same old thing happens to lead you both to sex. Sexting is a great way to initiate ideas or give little previews of what is to come. In this way, each partner can be more open to getting what they want out of a physical companionship and asking for and creating the intimacy they desire. But, it can also help with the physical side of things as well. Communicating your desires will help you execute on them when you’re having sex, whether it’s casual or not. 


Elicits Intimacy

Speaking of intimacy, sexting will certainly build it. When you create special messages and pictures for someone, this is going to affect your entire being and your partner’s. Sexting puts a smile on your face and makes you feel very close to the person you are sexting with. This brings the feel-good hormones rushing in, and creates an endless loop of good feelings. 


Revs Up Your Partnership

For people who are involved with partners, sexting is a great way to build a stronger bond. It is really nice to know that you are being thought of during the day, and sexting is a great way to do that. With little perks and pick-me-ups throughout the day, which lend themselves to sexual innuendoes, you will be building a stronger connection with every text.


Although you may not have thought of it this way before, sexting builds a different kind of intimacy, which can affect every aspect of your life. When you are happy with someone and involved in something long-term, whether old or new, this joy will spill over into the rest of your life.