How To Initiate Sexting

Sexting is a fun way to spice up your sex life, but not everyone is on board quite yet. When approaching the subject with a new casual sex friend, there are things to keep in mind to make sure that everyone feels excited about sexting with you. This will enrich the experience for the person you are sexting, but also make the experience better for you too! It’s never fun to sext an unwilling participant, so follow this advice to make sure that you find someone who is enthusiastic and going to make putting yourself out there worthwhile in the long run.


Find Someone Who Actually Wants To Sext
Don’t have a special someone in your life to sext? That’s not a big deal, you can still find someone who will want to send you nudes! One of the easiest and fastest ways to do this is to visit a sexting website. When you hop onto one of these sites, you know that all the adults in the chatrooms or on the website are down to sext. You won’t have to wonder or worry about rejection because these women are here for the same reason that you are. There are sexting sites that allow you to pay for nudes, but if you’re looking for a more authentic sexting experience, you can download a match app that pairs you with someone in your area who wants to sext with you. Chatrooms are also a great way to find someone who wants to talk about the kinky things you love. If all you are trying to do is see nudes online, you can check out an online nudes gallery. But we are assuming that you want someone who is real, sexy, living, and breathing to engage with you for some sexy dirty talk and hot photos on the phone.


Get Consent
Sexting is a form of sex, so consent matters. Again, with a sexting app or nudes website, the fact that the woman is on the site to begin with shows you that she’s interested in sexting. But if you’re approaching someone you know, you need to make sure that they are fully on board without you pressuring them or making them feel uncomfortable. It’s as simple as asking, “hey, are you interested in sexting?” and having a conversation about it. You are both adults so having this talk should not be too much of a challenge. The idea of sexual rejection can be intimidating, but remember that if they don’t consent to sexting, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t attracted to you. It just may not be their cup of tea and you are going to have to respect that!


Discuss Your Fantasies
One of the best ways to ease into sexting is to start talking about what you like to do in the bedroom. This conversation opens up a world of possibilities and is likely to get sexting underway between you and the person you find hot enough to sext. Don’t be afraid to really let your guard down. After all, sexting is about fantasy and you don’t have to actually perform any of the acts that you talk about! All you need to do is sext and see where it goes!