Everything You Wanted to Know About Sexting but Were Too Shy to Ask

If you are paying attention, you probably realize that a lot of people like you are really into sexting, whether with a hottie that they met on a business trip, or a FWB in their local area. If you are even the slightest bit shy, however, this might make you feel uncomfortable. We are here to tell you though, that sexting is normal, natural, and a real turn-on when two people are able to communicate what they feel. Follow the tips below to make yourself more comfortable!

Create the Rapport

Before you jump into sending sexy photos or sensual messages, you first need to build some rapport with the person you’re chatting with on a sexting website. Sexting someone out of the blue is both disrespectful and rude. But once you get to know someone, you will get a feel for their likes and dislikes, and this would help you figure out if you are ready to sext each other.

Ease In With Questions

Maybe you know it’s time to sext, but you are not sure how to go about initiating sexting. Start with simple questions such as “Tell me what you like?” or “What kinds of things turn you on?” or “Can I tell you where my hands want to be right now?” Opening up the conversation with questions gets you both involved, and helps you understand what the other person is into. This is also a good way to ease into sexting, without being offensive to the other person. 

Listen to Your Partner

If you ask questions, it stands to reason that you will stop and listen long enough for the answers. Finding out what the person on the other end of the phone enjoys is so important. You want them comfortable, turned on, and ready to keep messaging you! Don’t get too graphic if they are not ready for it, and do follow their lead and listen to what they are saying. This will make a more productive conversation and a fun sexting rapport.

Enjoy Yourself

The bottom line for any sexting situation is simply to have fun! This should not feel like work or fill you with worry. Some people think you have to be super kinky or wild to sext. But you simply have to let go of your inhibitions and communicate fully with the person on the other end of the line. With a little sexual banter and a whole lot of imagination, you can enjoy a little pleasure.

Although you might think that sexting is out of your league, if you start with some simple questions and take the plunge, you will find some very enjoyable fun at the other end of the line!