Yasmin Lee

Username: tsyasmin

Who Is Yasmin Lee?

Yasmin Lee is a transgender pornographic actress who you might remember from her cameo in one of The Hangover movies. She has twice won transexual performer of the year for her ultra sexual pornographic BDSM performances. She is a hero to the trans community and always makes sure her content is juicy and sexual for her fans. 

What’s Her OnlyFans Like?

It’s been said that Yasmin Lee’s OnlyFans serves as an intimate look int her sex life from an angle otherwise never seen before. She takes her fans deep into what turns her on and showers them with saucy steamy shower scenes, sex scenes, and constant nudes to view. She updates her posts constantly and there’s never a shortage of stuff to view when you subscribe to her OnlyFans. She is famously an exhibitionist on the site as well. 


$6 per month