SimpleNu is an awesome website full of many stunning women. It’s a site of curated nudes where the women bare it all for no charge. Arriving at the site is like stepping into an art gallery of nudes. On the top menu you will see ways to explore this website. The tab titles include Sites, Models, Videos, IStrippers, And Sex Cams. Each one is self-explanatory. SimpleNu provides you with other websites full of nudes (which is generous of them) and lets you check out their in-house selection of models. But you can also watch videos and see cam girls. Those tabs don’t take you to virtual strippers or cam girls within the site. Instead, it takes you to other great sites that show those things to you. One thing about SimpleNu is a little weird: Most or all of the girls on this site are white. Whiter than snow on Christmas morning. We aren’t sure if it’s an intentional choice made by SimpleNu or if it was accidental. This doesn’t stop the girls from being absolutely stunning and having incredible bodies. It is vanilla – but not in that way. The photos are raunchy in a tasteful way but also very white which feels really limiting. All of the models have their own galleries within SimpleNu and most of them have their own websites too. SimpleNu is a fun place to see hot naked girls if the Eastern European or All-American girl is who makes you ready to jerk.

Sexting101's Likes
  • Stunning models
  • Free
  • Virtual strippers
Sexting101's Dislikes
  • Not very diverse
  • Models are all very similar
  • Too tailored