Shay Lust

Username: shaylust

Who is Shay Lust?

Shay Lust is a MILF porn actress who is widely known for having an incredibly toned body. She’s one of those milfs that dances the line between beach body and bodybuilder – but hot. Her muscles pop almost as much as the kitty between her legs. She’s really one horny MILF that has amassed a small online following of people who love muscular girls, horny girls, and hot MILFs. She also loves producing hot wife videos too for the fans of the wife porn category.

What’s Her OnlyFans Like?

Shay Lust advertises on her OnlyFans that she produces nude pictures and videos of herself. She’s really not ashamed of her body at all or the fact that she’s a MILF which makes her content extra hot. She is a big squirter for the OnlyFans community producing tons of nude videos of her masturbating or performing sex acts for the camera. She’s wildly entertaining and has an impressive OnlyFans following (about 10K subscribers) which really speaks to the quality of her content. Oh – and she’s wickedly affordable. 


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