Username: Mrspoindexter

Who is Mrs. Poindexter AKA Crystal Jackson?

Known as Mrs. Poindexter, Crystal Jackson is the hot milf you didn’t know you needed in your life. Her cheeky bio mentions that she’s a “modest and reserved real neighbor mom,” with a winky face at the end. The truth is that she’s sexy and posts amazing nudes. She’s real milf material who gets a ton of attention on the platform. She is also really a soccer mom with kids, so she fits into the perfect naughty milf mold. 

What’s Her OnlyFans Like?

She takes sexy photos of herself in lingerie and offers some video content as well. She is playful, sultry, and extremely hot. They just don’t make moms like Crystal Jackson. It’s no wonder that she’s acquired a massive following in such a short amount of time. Sometimes she’ll playfully perform motherly or neighborly duties in a skimpy outfit. She also loves to communicate with her fans. That bubbly attitude and beautiful body are worth her very affordable deals! 


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