Monique Alexander

Who is Monique Alexander?

Monique Alexander is our favorite lipstick lesbian. With her red hair that fades to black and her tight tattoo-clad body, she embodies “bad bitch” to the fullest.  She’s also an activist and has appeared on Fox News advocating for free speech. In other words, she doesn’t hold back in any area of her life. This goes for her nudes and pornographic content as well.

What’s her Snapchat like?

Monique Alexander identifies as a lesbian and produces a ton of girl-on-girl shows for her Premium Snapchat subscribers. You won’t have to worry about her faking any of her orgasms at all with the other women she has sex with. Everything with Monique Alexander is the real deal. She posts nudes all the time and will give you backstage access to filming her pornographic videos.


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