Fair warning: This Discord server is for advanced Discord users. We say that not because it’s one of the hottest servers out there (it is though), but because it’s really complicated. It can feel like information overload if you don’t know what you’re doing on Discord. That’s why we say it’s not for the rookies.

Ok, now let’s get into it. What is there to see on this server… or better yet, what is there not to see. You’ve got channels where you can play with porn bots, gamble, find hookups, role-play, enter giveaways, and obviously view free nudes.

There are tons of chat rooms you can enter, and they are all located on the lefthand side of the screen. What makes Lust unique is that there is a 1:1 male-to-female ratio, so you know you’re in the company of horny women every time you enter into a chat. Want to exchange nudes? Do it here. But you can also take advantage of all the ladies on this server and ask for dating and sex advice. Lust really is the one-stop-shop for people who are horny and just want connect!

Some Discord pages have tons of rules, and Lust is one of them. What else can you expect with a server so saturated with users and content? The biggest one though is to not bother or harass the other users. Use your better judgement and have a great time.