Larkin Love

Who is Larkin Love?

Pornhub describes Larkin Love as a sweet, busty milf with incredible role-play skills. We would have to agree with everything. But she’s not exactly the sweetest. While she can be a cute milf sometimes, her real talent lies in her dominatrix skills. She could win an Oscar for her ability to fall seamlessly into her roles. This saucy brunette will have you begging for the life of your dick and she asserts her dominant sexual energy over you!

What’s her Snapchat like?

She displays her role-play talents on her Snapchat daily with posts going around the clock. If you love milfs, you need to get access to her Premium Snapchat right now. She’s the ultimate milf with a sweet but bad girl energy that will have you throbbing. She also loves to dabble in fetishes with some that might surprise you. Her long talented tongue and insane curves should be enough to make you want to subscribe, but she is also such a pornographic pro. A sex goddess!


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