Fancy yourself an exhibitionist? Do you like to get it on in public or watch girls get it on in public? Well that’s what this page is all about. “Hold the moan” refers to the need to hold in your sex noises because the act is taking place in public or somewhere where you coud get caught at any moment. This page is really unique for that niche but it’s also full of very explicit sexual content for your viewing pleasure. Girls masturbating in public, public sex scenes, and hot moments where girls could get caught mid orgasm. There are chicks in plane bathrooms, parks, and in aisles of department stores. It’s wild. There are also more low key things like taking panties off in public, playing with sex toys in public, and performing public activities with a sexual undertone. It averages about 5 new posts per day which makes sense given that it’s risky sexual situations. People aren’t getting it on in public bathrooms on a regular basis – but 5 times is enough in our opinion. You can keep scrolling to see past content as well so there is plenty to feast your hungry eyes upon. Most of the content on this page is videos.

Sexting101's Likes
  • Hot public sex content
  • Great for exhibitionists
  • Quality
Sexting101's Dislikes
  • People don't post as often as on other subreddits