What is FlirtyMania?

FlirtyMania is – at its core – a semi-clean camgirl site. It works like a Chatroulette where you can meet randoms on the internet to flirt with. That said, FlirtyMania makes a big deal about separating itself from a roulette telling you that you can always choose who to talk to, which chatrooms to join, and so on. Randomness can be a fun option though if you want it. To get girls onto FlirtyMania, the company tells them that they don’t have to get nude to make money on the site. It lends itself to some clean but flirty fun with hot girls. It’s the Cam site you can put on when you’re worried someone might walk in on you. You won’t get full frontal but you’ll come close. 

How does it work?

FlirtyMania works like a lot of other cam sites. You sign up and purchase coins which you can then use to pay girls who you become interested in. Most of the girls don’t get undressed for you because they don’t think they have to. Are they hot? Yes. A thousand times yes… but the lack of tits and ass on this site is pretty lame. It’s flirting – not pornography. You’ve got to be cool with that to enjoy it.

What makes it unique?

You can still sext on FlirtyMania. You can definitely flirt. It’s a cross between Chatroulette, Tinder flirting, and Camming. It’s video interface set up so you can get your flirt on. Not a bad way to meet hot girls on the web who are a little camera shy. It’s actually pretty hot if you think about it and a lot of guys are into the girl-next-door thing. The girls are sexy so that’s a huge plus.

How much does it cost?

Buy cheap to expensive packages depending on what you want out of the site.

Sexting101's Likes
  • Safe
  • Cool women
  • Good conversation
  • Great flirting app
Sexting101's Dislikes
  • Not a nudity site
  • Pay girls even though they won't send nudes
  • More for flirting than sexting
  • Not totally "free"