Chrissy LeBlanc

Who is Chrissy LeBlanc?

Chrissy Leblanc is an indie pornstar who is starting to gain traction for her award-winning tits, and performances! Her specialty is cosplay. She loves to dress up into costumes and entertain her fans. The roleplaying queen is a sexy redhead with tons of personality… and great tits. A true porn artist.

What’s her Snapchat like?

Her Snapchat is full of in-costume cosplay sex shows. Like we said, dressing up is Chrissy’s main gig. She is also very interactive with her subscribers and will even rate your dick if you send her a dick pic. She’s not shy in the slightest, which is what makes her Premium Snapchat so much fun. If you love entertainment and costumes with your porn, Chrissy is the girl to follow.


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