What is Arousr?

Arousr is one of the best sexting websites out there. It is not like an adult or sexy dating site because the women you sext with aren’t your average Josies. These ladies are professionals in the field of sexting and are going to get you off faster than you’d probably like to get off. You won’t last long talking to the Arousr chicks because they are amazing at what they do. They are also very desirable and gorgeous. You can do plenty of things with Arousr from sexting to video chatting with the professional models who are there to sext you. When you arrive to Arousr’s website you will notice how clean and modern it looks. The interface is really good and the site couldn’t be easier to use. Women are called ‘hosts’ on Arousr but they do way more than just host a chat. Arousr is like having a ton of cam girls right in your pocket at all times. There are always women online who are eager and ready to talk to you. They are getting paid but it’s also obvious that they love what they do and are having orgasms right alongside of you.

How does it work?

Arousr’s sign up process is way easier than most because it doesn’t ask for lots of info. Finding the girls is easier than other sites too, but one step at a time. Sign up with your email address or phone number and choose a username. Instead of being brought to a ton of women who you need to browse through and spend time sussing out, you will be shown flaming hot women who are made perfectly for sexting. The other way of talking is called peer-to-peer. This is not that. This is chatting with professional sexting women which has its pros and cons. Finding someone at the speed of light is one of the biggest pros. Another huge one is that these women know what they are doing. You don’t have to convince anyone to sext you like you would have to through a dating app like Tinder. When you find a chat host who makes you hard, you can start chatting for free at first. The chat host, who is a sex worker, will eventually switch from free mode to charging you (don’t worry, you’ll be alerted to this or the girl will inform you). Chat or have phone sex. Send nudes or have a video chat. The ball is in your court. Chat hosts get user reviews so you can tell immediately who you’d want to spend your time with. 

What makes it unique?

Chat hosts, professional sexting levels, and the hotness of the girls. There’s also an app for Android users (not iPhone unfortunately) which is unique for a sexting website to offer. This is not a sexting site where you find locals to message. It’s like picking out sexting experts or even sexting escorts and having some dirty fun with them on a virtual level. There are sites out there like this but Arousr is one of the best. This is because the girls are reviewed by the users so you will never find yourself wasting your time with someone if you simply avoid the badly reviewed girls. 

How much does it cost?

It’s a credit system not a membership one. The site lets you try out one chat free of charge but after than you’ll need to shell out some of that cash. These chicks are sex workers and they are online to get paid. Who pays them? You. Each message costs 10 credits. To give you an idea of what that means know that 300 credits costs about $17. You can also get 2K credits for $100. So it’s on the expensive side of things. 

Safe and discreet?

Confidentiality is really important to the creators of Arousr and there’s even a whole section on their website which talks about it. Your information is always kept private and you don’t have to put revealing info into your profile – or anything at all since you are the one paying and browsing through the girls. 

Sexting101's Likes
  • Android app
  • Professionals
  • Kinky hot women
Sexting101's Dislikes
  • Expensive
  • No local women
  • No iPhone app