What is SnapSext?

Snapsext makes its sexy purpose very clear when you get onto the site. Right away, you see tons of hot photos for free. The girls in the pictures are very close to nude without being pornographic. You’ll notice that at the top of the webpage, it says “Hookup and trade selfies tonight.” This makes it obvious that it’s a sexting site and also implies that it is a hookup site. Snapsext was inspired by Snapchat, the original nudes app but adds the element of meeting hot naked locals to get physical with after exchanging sexts and nudes. Snapsext has a high volume of active members which means finding someone to sext is easy. Visual content is the site’s main purpose, so expect to get a lot of nudes. You should also expect to send a ton of nudes. The girls on Snapsext are freaks to say the least. Communicate with members through chatrooms or 1-on-1 messenger. 

How does it work?

When you first arrive at the website, you’ll notice tons of hot women with huge asses and tits covered by really small bikinis or bras. Just wait… those photos will eventually be bare. You just have to sign up first. Signing up is really easy and fast by comparison of other sexting websites. There are some questions beyond just your email which will help the site use it’s advanced algorithm to narrow your search. Once you log in, you will pretty much be bombarded with nudes. More than you’ll know what to do with. As one hand travels to your junk, you’ll find many extremely hot girls hitting you up. Most of these chicks are local, so you could even score with some of them. Are some of the girls bots? We haven’t found any ourselves, but we’d assume so simply due to the speed and volume of responses. Lots, if not all, of the girls are real. Snapsext also has features like Live Cams (great for sexting pics and vids) and shows you who is online and even who has viewed your profile. 

What makes it unique?

Snapsext is as straightforward as it gets for a nudes and sexting website with cool features that make it even better. Live Cams let you interact on a really hot level. Snapsext is special too because it doubles as a hookup site, encouraging you to meet these fuckable chicks in person. Fantastic for hooking up, better for sexting. Visuals are prime on Snapsext.

How much does it cost?

It’s affordable. Not the cheapest, but doable. Especially for all the bells, whistles, and titties. Try it for 2-days for about $2. Not so bad if you’re just checking it out. If you decide you really like Snapsext, you can pay around $10 for a week or $35 for a month. Go long term and the rates change to either about $12/month for 6 months, or about $7/month for a year. That’s probably cheaper than your Starbucks order and it gives you a pep in your step that your coffee simply can’t compete with. 

Safe and discreet?

Yes and yes. Snapsext allows you to put as much out there as you want. Don’t put pics of your face on your profile if you’re worried about your girlfriend catching you on the site. Whenever you sign up for a sexting website of any kind, you are risking your info being made public. Snapsext doesn’t have the best customer service though, so don’t put anything out there that you will eventually need help removing. 

Sexting101's Likes
  • Tons of active users
  • Affordable
  • Live Cams,
  • Meet girls in person
Sexting101's Dislikes
  • Some bots
  • Bad customer service
  • No mobile app